Saturday, May 21, 2016

New Articles on Marketing to Doctors

I recently published two new articles on Marketing to Doctors:
These are the first two articles in an anticipated series of five.  

I've recently become fascinated by the looming marketing problem faced by companies that market to doctors. Big Pharma alone spends $25 billion dollars a year trying to get the attention of physicians. Several of their primary distribution methods on which they spend $16 billion a year are doomed:
  • Pharmacy reps as we know them are doomed.  More than half of physician practices already strictly regulate or prohibit pharmaceutical rep access. That percentage has increased from just 35% three years ago. The return on and number of pharmacy reps is going to plunge... and quickly.
  • Doctors are mobile. Banner advertising on mobile devices already sucks and will get worse as Apple encourages ad blocking on iOS devices (the primary device for physicians).
glassCanopy, my San Francisco Marketing Agency, has developed a significant amount of expertise in ethical techniques for marketing to doctors. I'm becoming ever more interested in figuring out what the next marketing channel will be.  That $16 billion dollars is going to get spent somewhere. I'm hopeful it will be spent in a way that is better aligned to the interests of doctors, patients, and the national budget.

What do you think? Any ideas on how to spend that $16 billion?